Ian Dury Kilburn and the Highroads

Kilburn and the Highroads
We performed the song I made Mary Cry ,(which can now be heard on the double C.D. version of ‘New Boots and Panties’ ) to greatest effect in Wandsworth Prison South London in a gig for the inmates. The gig took place in the prison chapel during the song Ian produced a flick knife and started waving it about. The cons loved this but all the screws suddenly looked very nervous, we were not invited back………….

This short Video clip of ‘Englands Glory’ was recorded for the Janett Street Porter show and has the late and great  “Irish” John Earl on Tenor Sax , my old mate George on Bass who now lives in Canada, Ed Spieght on Guitar and Chazz Jankle on Keys, me ( long haired version) on Kit.

This clip was recorded for Thames TV , when we were called ‘The Kilburns’

( Ian’s choice of name ) not ‘Kilburn and the High Roads’.

When we recorded this ‘Irish’ John Earl was the sax player and duly presented himself at the TV Studios to play but the Musicians Union shop steward for Thames TV would not let John play because his union dues were not paid up to date, so Mick Eve got the call to fill in at the last moment.

The Kilburns then went on to be called Ian Dury and the Kilburns and by then Rod Melvin who is on Piano in this clip was replaced by Chaz Jankel and the Guitarist in this clip was replaced by Ed Spieght….

The line up of ..Ian D, Irish , Ed Spieght , C Jankel, George D and Myself played the London pub, club and College circuit for a year and a half or so.

So far the only recording by that line up to see the light of day is ‘I made Mary Cry’ which has come out on the double c.d.version of New Boots and Panties.

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