Still Breathing…………..

13 Aug

My biannual post……..
As you can see from the poster TF play Mexico again ..arriba and CttE beforehand…..ahoy there matey… etc.

TF play Canada in September/ Oct with the very wonderful Mouletts opening

On the local front : Chris Spedding has joined ‘US’ since Big Jim Sullivan’s passing. We’ve done some recording and a few gigs and it’s fun.

Atcha ( chris jagger ) : bmg are re-releasing the c.d.’s and most likely are doing a
‘best of’ you know that sort of thing..

Spike came over again in the Spring, He, I, Art Theman and Andy Williams played a circuit of Jazz dates smashing to play with Spike. He returned to France with big bag with enough money in it to nearly cover his transport costs.

Brian James has released another one…..’The Guitar that dripped blood” luv it. I’m only on some of it or should I say : only some of it is on me.

odd and sods in sunny Brighton and District ….a nice one recently with Simon Spilett , coming up, Geoff Eales The Titan of the Piano, also Neil Anilley (also a Titan) and Herbie Flowers in an unplugged setting in the coastal port of RyeOKTHREE FRIEND FullSizeRender FullSizeRender (1) FullSizeRender (2)

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