Big Jim Sullivan

6 Oct

Too Late to see big Jim Now, he’s gone,he doesn’t need his Guitar anymore now or Norma to look after him.

Here’s to Big Jim Sullivan……….

Here’s a clip of Big Jim playing with Herbie Flowers, Derek Austin and myself

One Response to “Big Jim Sullivan”

  1. STEVE BLOMERTH May 22, 2014 at 11:28 pm #

    It is heart warming as a fan and musician to see your work with Three Friends. After all these years, to play that music once again after the ‘Three Friends’ album: It has to be a great joy to come back to it once again with the feeling and skills you have learned since your time with Gentle Giant. I was particularly struck by the video that had your ending flourish when you repeatedly said “John Weathers”. It was so full of energy and gracious acknowledgement of what he once brought to this music. I hope you will get to play this music for years to come. It is music worth keeping alive.

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