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27 Dec

Lynn and I had a few days in Copenhagen Aug 2016 …………smashing place.

The location of the photo is identical , in the b&w pic taken in 1971  I’m the one in the white coat

In the colour pic Aug 2016 ………it’s me behind the shadesIMG_0345.jpgScreen Shot 2016-12-27 at 20.13.57.png

Merry Christmas

27 Dec

Best wishes to one and all for 2017

Mrs Mortimore having worked hard making Christmas Lunch for the family and friends at home.IMG_0631.jpg

Concert in Aid of Refugee Week

20 Jun

I’ve been part of the band ‘US’ along with Herbie Flowers , Chris Spedding, and Derek Austin for years now and on 26th June 2016 ‘US’ play a concert at the ever popular with Prog fans,  Trading Boundaries venue Sheffield Park Sussex.

The Concert is part of the Crossing Borders festival in support refugees suffering.

Please come along.

Two pics 1971 and 2016

25 Jan


Prepairing to Prog

15 Sep

3F Logo & T-shirt-design-8  Three Friends are playing a one off gig in Sussex at Trading Boundries  24th Sep 2015.

then….. Three Friends are off to Canada, Cruise to the Edge and Mexico City.

MM head on hands

(Chris Jagger plays at the Mick Jagger centre Dartford 26th Sep……)

And ……..8th November 2015The very wonderful ‘Alan Barnes’ is the frontline guest at The Herbie Flowers show at Brighton Corn Exchange.

Best Malcx

Still Breathing…………..

13 Aug

My biannual post……..
As you can see from the poster TF play Mexico again ..arriba and CttE beforehand…..ahoy there matey… etc.

TF play Canada in September/ Oct with the very wonderful Mouletts opening

On the local front : Chris Spedding has joined ‘US’ since Big Jim Sullivan’s passing. We’ve done some recording and a few gigs and it’s fun.

Atcha ( chris jagger ) : bmg are re-releasing the c.d.’s and most likely are doing a
‘best of’ you know that sort of thing..

Spike came over again in the Spring, He, I, Art Theman and Andy Williams played a circuit of Jazz dates smashing to play with Spike. He returned to France with big bag with enough money in it to nearly cover his transport costs.

Brian James has released another one…..’The Guitar that dripped blood” luv it. I’m only on some of it or should I say : only some of it is on me.

odd and sods in sunny Brighton and District ….a nice one recently with Simon Spilett , coming up, Geoff Eales The Titan of the Piano, also Neil Anilley (also a Titan) and Herbie Flowers in an unplugged setting in the coastal port of RyeOKTHREE FRIEND FullSizeRender FullSizeRender (1) FullSizeRender (2)

TF in Paris 24/10/14

8 Nov

Hi almost forgot about me , pity some might say……..ho,ho.

here’s a link to a video of the Three Friends show in Paris 24/10/14 http://youtu.be/pRxDv2Jx_90y ( you may have to paste it in address bar )

That’s Jim driving the van, then on arrival you see the set up……you may notice I play in the same cloths I set the gear up in , this is not because I only have one set of cloths.
The reason is : in the mad scramble that day from when I left home to finishing the gig I didn’t get chance to, change cloths / go to the Hotel / practise my French or Paradiddles it’s a cruel world but fun if you don’t but fun.

best Malc

Big Jim Sullivan

6 Oct

Too Late to see big Jim Now, he’s gone,he doesn’t need his Guitar anymore now or Norma to look after him.

Here’s to Big Jim Sullivan……….

Here’s a clip of Big Jim playing with Herbie Flowers, Derek Austin and myself


Aboriginal Belief of Origins

21 May


10 May

I know It’s been a while since my last post so , but I never liked that tune …bom bom…

I’ve spent the last week or so touring Germany with Chris Jagger & Atcha ,
We started in Bavaria then played gigs going into the area that was the old GDR , it’s interesting to see how Germany is changing, we finished up at a buzzing Zydeco festival in Holland.

Very Sad news of the death of my good friend Jim Pitts, I will miss Jim’s company and Music.

This weekend I go to Austrailia for a couple of weeks with Chris & Atcha for a few shows,
The new c.d. Is nearly finished and is sounding very good.

On my return I shall be playing on the 3rd June in a band on the House’O Lords terrace as HM the Queen sails past.

Three Friends autumn tour of Canada and USA is looking very good and we shall also be playing a show in Tel Aviv.
TF also have shows offered in Sweden and Italy this Summer.

Also in June I looking forward to playing at Beckenham and Bexley jazz Clubs.

Thanks for looking

Best Malc